Our calling and our promise

In the face of rapidly changing health care, our commitment to our Mission to care for everyone remains unchanged. When the Sisters of Providence began our tradition of caring 160 years ago, our ministry greatly depended on partnering with others in the community who were committed to doing good. This same pioneering spirit continues today as our calling and our promise.

Given our Mission to care for those who are poor and vulnerable, Providence serves large populations of charity care and Medicaid patients. In 2016, we provided a total of $62 million in community benefit, including more than $8 million in free and discounted care for those in need. However, we use community benefit investments to create healthier communities, beyond just the need for free and discounted care. Not only does this improve access to care, but broader community benefit programs can help improve overall community health before people get sick.

Together with input and guidance from many of our community partners – including the Snohomish Health District and the Providence Northwest Washington Community Ministry Board Mission and Healthier Communities committee – we complete a Community Health Needs Assessment every three years to identify the greatest unmet needs among the communities we serve. Based on the outcome of the current assessment, the significant health needs that Providence will focus on throughout Northwest Washington include:

  • Primary care access
  • Opioid Abuse
  • Homelessness

Providence is committed to focus on these three areas because we believe we can have the greatest impact using our expertise and focused ability to influence outcomes. Providence is also actively involved in supporting other community benefit programs. In addition, the Providence Institute for a Healthier Community is identifying new health and well-being measures that are designed to encourage broader improvements for larger populations of people, including many served through our community benefit programs.