Equal opportunity for healing and health

June 01, 2016
We know that eating well, exercising, and seeing a doctor when we are sick are all important to our health, but there are other basic needs that are even more important. Our health is also affected by whether we have access to education, housing, food, and even water. Many people face barriers to leading healthy lives because they can’t meet these basic needs, especially in the vulnerable moments after discharge from a hospital.

At Providence hospitals, there are many patients who could use extra support when they leave, so we respond by helping them with non-medical needs through the Patient Support Program. From transportation to temporary housing, meals, medications and more, patients in need get resources that reduces the burden on them and their families.

Thousands are helped in 2015

More than 4,500 people have been helped through this program in 2015. It has proven to be such a success that it has expanded to neighboring hospitals and health providers in 2016 to become a true community resource. The program ensures equal opportunity for health and healing in many unique ways: a safe place for someone who is homeless to recuperate after surgery; life-saving diabetic supplies to get through the first days after diagnosis; or, an infant car seat for a safe trip home after delivery. 

The power of partnerships for greater impact

The Patient Support Program was co-developed by Providence and community-based partner Project Access NOW. Using Project Access NOW’s secure web portal, hospital discharge planners, social worker and clinicians, caregivers can connect patients to variety of online services, available around the clock. Providence’s annual investment in operating the program is more than $1 million combined from community benefit and other sources of funding.