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Community voices for health
March 27, 2017
To understand important health needs for Kodiak Island residents, Providence conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment.
Knowing our communities to improve health
March 27, 2017
The Community Health Needs Assessment is an inclusive process that helps us develop programs to keep people healthy.
Outreach program helps frail seniors live well at home
January 19, 2017
Providence Senior Outreach Program helps 400 older adults with hands-on support and weekly home visits.
Healing families with nutritious food
November 15, 2016
When single mom Seswaness Eaglepipe and her two daughters were suffering from migraines and nausea, she went to the Providence Family Medicine clinic in Portland, Ore. for help. The medical assistant asked her if she worries about not having enough money to buy food.
Nourishing newborns with KINDNESS
November 01, 2016
After her third child was born, Joelina Panamarioff of Kodiak Island, Alaska, knew she would need the services of Kodiak KINDNESS. The Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center community benefit program is dedicated to helping new mothers nourish their newborns through personal coaching.
A fast lane for teens on the road to recovery
September 30, 2016
At 12 years old, June* had experienced more hardships than most may face in their lifetime. The loss of one parent to suicide, followed by the unexpected death of a step-parent, lead her into a dark depression. She began using marijuana, alcohol and meth to cope with the trauma.
From crisis to healing: Providence helps victims of abuse take first step
September 21, 2016
At 19 years old, Shannon* was excited to begin her college experience. But early in the fall semester, everything changed when she was raped by someone she knew and trusted. Similar to many people in her situation, Shannon was hesitant to seek help. She blamed herself.
Goodbye without tears
September 21, 2016
What if she doesn't want me to leave? What if the teachers can't understand what she wants? What if she cries? These are the kind of questions parents may ask themselves on the first day of preschool, but for Priscila’s parents, it is a memory of the day that changed their lives forever.
CHAT: Mental health education that works
August 17, 2016
At 40 years old, Gabriel Vazquez was feeling stressed and angry at the whole world. “My self-esteem was to the floor,” he said, “I couldn’t communicate with anyone and there were moments where I thought I was going crazy. I was short of breath, and for a long time I thought I was having heart problems.”
A nurse with a heart for refugees
August 12, 2016
For refugees who call Snohomish County, Wash., their new home and safe haven from war and other disasters, Providence nurse practitioner Carol McCahon is there to help.
Four-legged support for victims of trauma
August 12, 2016
Getting up on the witness stand in court can be a scary experience for anyone, especially a child who is facing his or her abuser. Thankfully Astro is there, wagging his tail, to calm kids in the courthouse as they tell the judge and jury about the terrible things that have happened to them.
A shelter that helps heal the homeless
July 13, 2016

For more than a month, John Hammarstron felt a pain in his abdomen that never seemed to go away. He had two jobs and it was a daily struggle to work through the discomfort. Soon it became so bad that he couldn’t keep his job and afford to pay rent. John ended up on the streets.

Dental relief on wheels
July 13, 2016

For seven months, Steve has been seeking help for a toothache while living in pain. Left untreated, his daily life had become increasingly agonizing. But relief was in sight once he found the Mobile Dental Program at Providence.

Finding a safe place to heal
June 01, 2016
While it may be impossible to erase the painful memories of a violent crime, Providence is easing some of the burdens victims face as they recover and rebuild their lives.
Equal opportunity for healing and health
June 01, 2016
We know that eating well, exercising, and seeing a doctor when we are sick are all important to our health, but there are other basic needs that are even more important. Our health is also affected by whether we have access to education, housing, food, and even water. Many people face barriers to leading healthy lives because they can’t meet these basic needs, especially in the vulnerable moments after discharge from a hospital.
Changing lives with affordable housing for seniors
June 01, 2016
Diana Goines, 68, enjoys sitting out on her patio and listening to the laughter of children playing at the nearby schools. “I just love it!” she raves.
Helping children at risk for 50 years
June 01, 2016
To lighten the burden of families facing vulnerable times that place them or their children at risk, Providence Saint John’s Child and Family Development Center is there to help. Children with developmental disabilities, emotional challenges, or who encounter domestic violence, substance or physical abuse find loving care and support at Providence.
Grief camp helps kids and teens cope with loss
June 01, 2016
Ali Bigliardi was just 16 years old and starting her junior year of high school when her dad, Aiden, died from pancreatic cancer. Her dad’s death hit her hard. She was angry and felt all alone.
Giving a community a new heart
June 01, 2016
It was a heartwarming scene on a summer evening when more than 300 residents of Wilmington gathered at Providence’s new Community Wellness Center for an outdoor movie. Families came early to socialize as children played.
A quiet desk with a big impact
June 01, 2016
“I have never been comfortable asking for help,” said a patient, “but how else can they know you need it? You have to ask.” By walking up to the community resource desk at a Providence clinic in Portland, Oregon, this patient “got the resources I needed; housing and financial help.”
A community voice defining health
June 01, 2016
What does health look like to you? This is an important question Providence is asking everyone who lives in Snohomish County, Washington.
A community court with heart
June 01, 2016
Every Monday the meeting rooms of Spokane’s downtown library are transformed into a courtroom and resource center. The makeshift community court provides alternatives to jail time for those who commit non-violent misdemeanor offenses typically connected to homelessness, such as trespassing or drinking alcohol in a public place.
Bridging the gap and saving a life
June 01, 2016
With no health insurance and no financial resources, 58 year-old Angelina Bezu had not had a mammogram in years. She understood the importance, though, as her sister had died of breast cancer. While at a community health fair organized by Providence St. Mary Medical Center and St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, she quickly applied for a free mammogram.
A shot in the arm for Walla Walla County
June 01, 2016
At the start of every flu season, hundreds of people converge on Providence St. Mary Medical Center to lean their arm out the window for a quick vaccination without ever leaving their cars. The free community drive-through flu shot clinic attracted 550 people in 2015, most of whom can’t afford the vaccination on their own.
A safe escape for human trafficking victims
June 01, 2016
The most likely lifeline for a victim of human trafficking could be a health care provider. Victims may look just like many of the patients coming to health clinics or emergency departments, and the professionals at Providence know what to look for beneath the surface.
Putting a DENT in dental emergencies
June 01, 2016
What is the fourth most common reason for a hospital emergency department visit in eastern Washington? The unlikely answer: dental problems.
Pediatric hospice care brings comfort to parents and babies
June 01, 2016
Just 15 weeks into Megan Wahl’s pregnancy, she and her husband Ben found out their daughter Grace had a rare DNA abnormality called trisomy 18, also known as Edward’s syndrome.
Middle-schoolers thrive in behavioral health program
June 01, 2016
When Providence Health & Services Alaska helped fund the setup of on-site behavioral health services at one of Anchorage’s middle schools, its goal was to provide access to affordable health care for young people struggling with mental health issues. A year later, the results have proven to be even more successful than organizers could have imagined.
Wrapped in Hope: Giving fragile babies a better future
June 01, 2016
It was a discovery that caused medical providers to pause. One in five babies born at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center battled drug addiction – an alarming statistic on its own, but even more so considering the hospital only performs about 140 deliveries each year.
Therapy services help Seward kids
June 01, 2016
Rosemary Youngblood bounds into the speech and occupational therapy room at Providence Seward Mountain Haven, her flyaway hair in multiple braids and a big smile on her face.
Stronger together: investing in safety net clinics
June 01, 2016
No one organization can improve community health alone, and partnering with like-minded organizations creates solutions that are stronger and more sustainable long-term.
Helping young athletes play safe
June 01, 2016
Low-priced sports physicals were the main attraction for more than 150 student athletes who attended Providence and Walla Walla Public Schools’ first sports physical event. Just as important was making sure these young athletes learned how to avoid injuries. The required pre-participation sports physicals included safety instruction by Providence physical therapists and physicians.
Helping students step in the right direction
June 01, 2016
Dan Pemble’s physical education students at Baxter Elementary School run, jump and squeal with laughter. As music plays, they do exercises that are written on small sheets of paper and randomly drawn from a cart set up at one end of the room.
Helping families during serious illness
June 01, 2016
What would happen if you became very sick and could not tell your doctor what kind of care you wanted? Sadly, this happens all too often. While 82 percent of Americans believe it’s important to put future medical care wishes in writing, only 23 percent have advance care planning documents in place.
Making a difference for 3,000 patients
June 01, 2016
The Southern California communities served by Providence Health & Services span dozens of diverse zip codes ranging from peaks of great wealth to valleys of deep poverty. This gap in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys grows wider, for those who live in the poorest neighborhoods, when it comes to specialized medical care.
Living our Mission to care for everyone, no matter the cost
June 01, 2016
Answering the call of our Mission to care for everyone, we serve a large and growing population of patients covered by the state Medicaid program, who often have difficulty getting access to care. In early 2016, Montana began broadening its Medicaid eligibility with strong support from Providence.
Igniting healthy habits for kids
June 01, 2016
It’s startling to learn that thousands of school-age children in Washington state are not getting at least an hour of exercise five days a week. In fact, research shows that when American kids reach ages 10 and 11 their physical activity levels decline drastically. At Providence, we see this as a crucial time to intervene and help kids develop healthy habits.
Providence Health & Services chefs cook up way to mentor students
September 15, 2015

Greeting customers; learning cooking techniques; talking respectfully and precisely in a busy kitchen; fixing a balanced meal - those are just some of the skills culinary students learn working side by side with professional chefs from Providence.

Providence Guest House opens its doors
August 15, 2015

The new facility is going to make life easier for Oregon cancer patients and their families who live in remote areas.

New film shows the 'magic' happening at a preschool that doubles as nursing home
June 17, 2015

Could little kids hold the secret to giving senior citizens the attention they deserve? That's what the folks running Seattle's Intergenerational Learning Center are hoping to find out.